तारीख के हिसाब से ओपन तू क्लोज निकालने को धनवर्षा कहते हैं इस धनवर्षा को तारीख के हिसाब से बहुत कठोर परिश्रम के बाद हमने आपके लिए निकाला है यह धनवर्षा हर एक मारकेट पर लागू होगा

Fix Matka Number

Fix Open to Close by Date

Hello everyone, how are you all? Today, we welcome you to dpboss.com, and today we will understand the fix open to close by date, this is a very useful chart, and this is for the dhanvarsha of Kalyan Mumbai Milan day night fix on open to close. So, the opening and closing are according to date is a kind of concept which is called dhanvarsha after working on these patterns of the numbers, their combinations, and checking all the possible checking all possibilities.

We have calculated this dhanvarsha for you according to dates one more thing about this it is applicable for every market, so it is not limited to any fixed market, you can use this for all markets. Okay, now let's check the chart, so when you come to the chart you have two columns the first column is date and in the bracket you can you can see “Tarek” is written it is the Hindi translation of “Date”, then you have next column the heading is open to close figure and in bracket you can see ank, now in the date column you will see all the dates are starting from one and going towards 31 so it's all the days of the month and now in the open to close figure column you can see some numbers they are in the form of four digit numbers which separated by dashes so first is 4-5-9-8 then 1-0-6-9 and so on till 31st.

So, this data is precious. If you want to improve your gameplay, you should consider this chart and understand the formula and tactics we are telling you on this page.



1 4-5-9-8
2 1-0-6-9
3 2-5-6-7
4 3-1-9-6
5 4-2-3-7
6 0-8-9-5
7 7-0-2-6
8 1-6-3-9
9 2-7-8-5
10 4-6-3-2
11 5-4-9-1
12 8-9-4-3
13 4-5-6-0
14 7-9-4-6
15 0-8-9-5
16 7-8-9-0
17 4-5-2-3
18 1-6-2-7
19 4-8-5-7
20 4-9-2-3
21 6-9-3-1
22 9-8-2-7
23 2-5-4-3
24 9-7-6-8
25 4-9-3-7
26 4-5-7-9
27 5-0-1-6
28 7-3-1-5
29 2-0-3-8
30 4-5-0-1
31 6-3-2-1
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